Eagle Shipping Japan, Ltd., established in November 2005, is a newly-organized company providing a full line of Shipping Agent, NVOCC and Logistics services as its core business.

We presently are general agents in Japan for the Line Business of Ethiopian Shipping Lines S.C.(ESC), the national line headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as well as for MUR Shipping RSA, a Netherlands-registered tramp operator.

Although we are still a fairly new company with rather small number of associates, each of our staff has over 40 years of marketing and sales experience in Liner Business and more than 10 years involvement in NVOCC business. By working together with our skilled staff who are dedicated and have a good and in-depth understanding of your business needs, you can be assured that we are fully committed to assist in your future success and to help you strengthen your business activities.


イーグルシッピングジャパン (ESJ)は海運代理店と利用運送(NVOCC)を中核事業として05年11月に設立した新しい海運代理店、物流会社です。

定期船はエチオピア国営船社、Ethiopian Shipping Lines S.C.(ESC、本社・アジスアベバ)、不定期船はオランダ船社、MUR Shipping(RSA)の日本総代理店を引き受けています。



Eagle Shipping Japan, Ltd. イーグルシッピングジャパン株式会社

Head Office:

6F Neotec Suitengu Building, 1-29-9, Nihonbashi Kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0014 Japan
〒103-0014 東京都中央区日本橋蛎殻町1-29-9 ネオテック水天宮ビル6階






November 9, 2005


Shipping Agent 海運代理店業
Ocean Freight Forwarder 海上貨物取扱業
Motor Freight Forwarder 自動車貨物取扱業
Export Documentation Service for Ocean Transportation 輸出貨物船積み代行業務
Cargo Broking 船積み事務代行業務
Customs House Broking 通関業
Ocean Transportation Intermediary/NVOCC 貨物利用運送事業



Board of Directors:

Yoshiyuki Shimada, Chairman & CEO 代表取締役会長・島田禎之
Hiroyuki Shimada, President 代表取締役社長・島田寛之
Yoshie Shimada, Director 取締役・島田佳枝
Ma Sei, Director 取締役・馬靖
J.W. Lee, Director 取締役・李在完

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