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Blue Gulf Shipping Services Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 with the aim of becoming one of the biggest names in the maritime transportation services industry. Since its inception the company has grown to earn the respect of those involved directly or indirectly in the maritime services industry.

Blue Gulf Shipping provides a variety of different port and vessel services through the company itself as well as its affiliate companies. These services are provided and supported by a staff of resourceful managers and dedicated employees. There are also policies in place to ensure that topnotch services are provided to client vessels at times of emergency and also after regular office hours. Blue Gulf Shipping prides itself in making sure this way of functioning is not merely a policy but actually the universal philosophy of doing business.


Blue Gulf Shipping offers the following port and vessel services:

1. Services for liners, tramps, tankers and
   cruise vessels(including passenger handling)
2. Port agency services
3. Ship brokerage and chartering
4. Ship husbandry and bunker supply
5. Survey supervision
6. Offshore / oil rig crew handling and movement
7. Catering
8. Procurement


Blue Gulf Shipping has a main branch in Tehran and other branches in some of the major southern Iranian ports. Some of these branches handle agency operations for more than one port. Below is a list of Blue Gulf Shipping's office locations as well as a map of Iran displaying the ports in which the offices are located:

Eagle Shipping Japan are representing Blue Gulf Shipping Services Co., Ltd. Iran in Japan. Blue Gulf shipping is providing port agency service for liners, tramps and tankers, details of which are as per their brochure.

We wish to introduce their 4 advantages using Blue Gulf Shipping.

1. Blue Gulf Net Work and Branches
Blue Gulf Shipping has own branch offices in all ports and at oil terminals, port of BIK, port of Bandar Abbas, port of Assaluyah, port of Bushehr.
So they can directly husbanding your ships in these ports, not necessary to ask other agent to attend on behalf of them.

2. Agency Fee
Due to above reason, Blue Gulf Shipping can offer very attractive rate to customers. Their rate includes transportation, communications and miscellaneous.

3. Extra service
Blue Gulf Shipping has policy to provide all principal's requirements, such as to provide daily report for customer and keep you fully pictured of all movements in all Iranian oil terminals.

4. Very important offer
If Blue Gulf Shipping would get regular shipment from owner, Blue Gulf Shipping would work with you on credit basis. There is no need for advance payment regarding port charges and owner can settle the port charges with Blue Gulf Shipping upon receiving actual final disbursement.

Lastly, Blue Gulf Shipping has excellent relationship with NIOC and Oil Terminals in another point which is distinguish Blue Gulf Shipping among others.

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